Five-axis machining will replace three-axis machining in mold manufacturing

Mold manufacturing is an increasingly challenging industry. Whether you have pivoted to supplying the medical industry or are a longtime automotive mold/die producer, you have probably seen where the market is heading. Parts and designs are getting more complex. Customers are pushing for shorter production times. Molds require greater degrees of precision and exact surface [...]

The development trend of plastic injection molding

With plastic injection molding being one of the most commonly-used plastic formation techniques with numerous industrial applications, the market is continually expanding and evolving. Custom made plastic injection molding parts present the perfect solution for numerous industries that are striving to produce a great volume of high-quality and cost-efficient parts. Such plastics are used in [...]

Some strategies to improve the valuation of a mold company


You need a sourcing agent in china

If you’re importing from China and researching around the topic, you’ll have likely heard of sourcing agents. In this post, we will be exploring the use of sourcing agents and helping you to determine whether using a sourcing agent would benefit your business. Finding a high quality manufacturer is the often one of the first [...]


Most mold shops are well acquainted with the visible costs of poor quality. Still, these are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the deeper and more intractable invisible costs lurking below the waterline. Shops that think of quality as only a cost center enforce the incorrect perception that the quality function is essentially [...]


Industry 4.0 has been getting a lot of attention from molders as they look to take advantage of connecting processing information with production information to efficiently produce quality parts on time. It only makes sense that as the 4.0 culture continues to grow within the molding industry, the mold repair side of the business starts [...]

A new thinking of mold design


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