FAQs about offshore operation project:
Many companies encounter a lot of problems in considering offshore manufacturing of products for the customer. For years of practice,188宝金博betapp下载finds a feasible solution that is not only realizable and safe but also brings extra value to the customers.
Following are problems and solutions that are normally involved in offshore manufacturing:

a) What kinds of parts and steels are used in overseas mold manufacturing?
188宝金博betapp下载purchases mold parts and steels fully according to the customers’ requirements for use; however, the standard for use ensuring safe use should apply, on the condition that the customers’ requirements for safe domestic use of mold are met.

b) Can overseas mold be manufactured according to customers’ special standard?
With years of experience in delivering services to overseas customers,188宝金博betapp下载is fully capable of making mold according to customers’ standard. We’re fast and good in understanding even peculiar mold manufacturing standard.

c) Is it difficult to communicate with overseas customers?
188宝金博betapp下载has an excellent project management group and design team. They’re richly experienced, abundant in professional knowledge and proficient skill in speaking and writing in foreign languages. They’re able to communicate with overseas customers via email and telephone on our online platform. Our project engineers will update project progress on our website, so that overseas customers may understand the situation on a real-time basis.

All overseas mold projects are subject to 3-4-3 term of payment, i.e., 30% advance payment before running the project, 40% payment after delivery of qualified sample after primary tooling test, and 30% arrearage payment before mold transportation.188宝金博betapp下载rejects any transportation of mold with arrearage.

Before mold transportation, mold engineer in charge of the project and project engineer must make step-by-step inspection of the mold according to the customer’s requirements. Only the mold fully meets the customer’s requirements is allowed to pack.

e)Are all the design data of overseas customers applicably integrated in our design system?

All the molds produced by188宝金博betapp下载必须确保满足客户的使用要求,我们保证这种模具没有正确使用的缺陷。